Bark Blower Rentals Available Daily & Weekly….discounted rates!!

We are nearing the end of our busy season here and our summer Bark Blower rental prices are going into effect next week. Please call us for more details!!

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Bark Blower Rental For MA, NH, RI, CT…

After a great season of Bark Blower Rental here in New England we are nearing our summer discount rental program. This program takes affect on June 15th, call us for more information!! Bark Blowers, Rental, Finn, Finn Bark Blowers, Rentals.

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May Rental Schedule

We still have Bark Blower Rentals available in May. Daily, weekly or long term. We are the New England leader in Bark Blower rentals. We offer daily, weekly and long term rentals and will match any of our competitors advertised prices. The real difference is in our equipment. Beware of old rental machines with worn out airlocks, missing remote controls and broken hose. There are many out there renting this equipment. Our seven machines are new or like new, fully serviced and ready to work to their full potential. We offer training, 24 hour phone service, road service and delivery/pick up options. Visit us @ for more information or call toll free 1-877-394-7277.

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New England Source For Bark Blower Rentals…….we beat them all!!

We will match any of our competitors price in order to gain your business. We already have the best equipment, service, training and support so if it takes matching a price to earn your business we are onboard. Also, our off season pricing starts soon, call us today for more details!! 617-680-7126.

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Bark Blower Rentals…Call Today!!!

Bark Blower Rentals here in New England serving MA, NH, CT,VT, ME and RI are still available. Call us to reserve a spot. Also, our off season pricing will take effect 6/1/12, call us for details!!

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Bark Blower Rental Season Is Here!!

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine rentals are in full swing. This week we have two Finn rental bark blowers working in Boston, one in Portland, one in Hartford and two in New Hampshire!! Call us today for availability!!

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Bark Blower Rentals Still Available in Massachusetts!!

Bark Blowers are still available for rental the weeks of 4/15-4/21, 4/22-4/28, 5/13-5/19 and 5/20-5/26. Call today to get on the rental calendar. CB & Sons Equipment 1-877-394-7277 or 617-680-7126.

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Finn 302 bark blower Features and Benefits

  • 1.5 cubic yard hopper capacity delivering more than 10 cubic yard of mulch per hour
  • Reduces material cost from 20% to 40% by breaking up material clumps and producing an even mulch spreading pattern, with fine particles on top
  • Mulch is propelled through a specially engineered airlock and blower system through various lengths of durable 4” flexible hose for application up to 200’ away from unit
  • Remote controls allow operator to control power and material flow from an operating distance
  • Standard 150’ hose comes with the unit, optional 50’ sections available
  • Standard rear mounted hose reel
  • Blower, airlock and hydraulic functions are exclusive to FINN design

302 bark blower

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Using bark blowers for playgrounds

Bark blowers can be used for playgrounds at schools and parks that need to have chips replenished quickly. Many times these are fenced in areas that machines cannot get into.
using a bark blower for playground

See more photos at: Using bark blowers for playgrounds

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Overseeding with bark blowers

We have some customers that use our equipment to re-establish and rejuvenate lawn areas and sports fields. The process is really quite simple. Typically the area is thatched and then aerated.
overseeding with CB & Sons bark blowers

See more photos at overseeding with bark blowers

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