Rental Questions Frequently Asked


Q-How many hours do you allow on the equipment each day?


A- We allow eight hours each day showing on the machine. Typically due to set up, breakdown, moving, travel & lunch breaks this would mean you would have to work a 12-14 hour day to achieve eight working hours on the machine. If you go over on hours you are charged only the standard daily rate divided by eight, there is additional no penalty or fee.


Q- How much hose comes with the machine?


A- The machine will come equipped with 150' of 4" discharge hose (3) 50' pieces. More hose, up to 250' total, can be arranged.


Q- Does the equipment come with a remote control?


A- Yes. The machine will come with a wireless remote control that can control the machines operations from over 300 feet away.


Q- What time can I pick up and drop off?


A- We are very flexible for daily rentals- Pick up can occur the evening before or early the morning of and drop off can occur anytime the day of before 8:00 P.M. Weekly rentals are typically picked up on Sundays between 12-4:00 P.M. And must be dropped back off on Saturdays by 12:00 P.M.


Q- Do you offer long term or cash discounts?


A- Yes. Long term is considered more than two weeks consecutively. We also offer a cash discount.


Q- Do you accept credit cards?


A- Yes. We accept all major credit cards and offer a cash or credit price.


Q- How do I reserve a machine?


A- The best way to reserve a machine is to call us. Depending on the time of year we may require a non-refundable reservation deposit.


Q- How is your availability in the springtime?


A- We get booked up fast so call early. However, we do try to add equipment to our fleet as we see fit so that we can offer better availability in this busy time of year.


Q- What happens if I need to cancel?


A- If you need to cancel for any reason please understand that more than likely you will lose your reservation deposit. However, we do keep a list of customers that would like to rent but waited until the last minute to call. If we can fill your slot we will be happy to refund all of your monies.


Q- What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate during my rental?


A- We will make every effort to give you another rental slot as soon as one is available but cannot refund your money. Our policy is that we will hold your funds for a 90 day period where you can use them for rental.



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